Due to the ongoing Coronavirus issues and concerns, we as the Lifeway Elder Board have chosen to move all services to ONLINE ONLY on Sundays.
 During these next three weeks, please pray. Pray that Covid-19 will not hit as hard as experts are thinking and God will move. Pray we will have an in-person Easter service because it’s safe to congregate again.

Please know that we are also shutting the building down completely during the week. We want to ensure we have a safe building for the people serving and their families to pull off each Sunday livestream to come, and the best way we can do this is by working from home as a staff and postponing all ministries for the time being.
As a staff, we are going to work harder than ever to create material for your family to have during the week from each of the main ministries. Keep an eye on this page for constant updates for your week, for your kids, even for prayer. 
We will have an online prayer night every Wednesday at 6:30pm where you can tune in on Facebook or YouTube and pray with a staff member for the nation and the church. We will also be taking live prayer requests and praying for those as we go. We will also have 5 minute Bible Studies, live, on Fridays.


We truly believe God has set us up for a time such as this to reach more people than we normally would otherwise. 800+ people viewed the livestream this past Sunday, meaning if there was two people watching instead of one, we potentially reached over 1,600 people! This is a God-sized response. Let’s not miss what God is doing and how He is using this for our good.

We exist to Know God, Be the Church, and Lead the Change.
These times are different but that doesn’t stop us from accomplishing our mission as a church.We still can grow in our knowledge and understanding of God and we can still be disciples. This doesn’t stop us or slow us down. This is just a different way to do things, for a season. 
We can't wait to be back with you all again in person. We're praying God makes it sooner rather than later.
And in the meantime, we pray you continue to tune into our services on Sunday and share them with others. Let's reach people for Christ, online, in a BIG way.

God Bless,

 The Elders of Lifeway Church Celina 

In times like these, we believe it's the local church's job to be a beacon of hope and light in the darkness, to meet people in their needs. Please consider helping us be resourced so that we can do exactly that, as well as continue to do church online.

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