What is a Launch Group?

Launch groups are a small group of people who meet regularly for community and to discuss the Sunday morning sermons using the Lifeway Lite Curriculum. It’s a great way to feel connected to other people and to experience a small part of what community is like here at Lifeway.


Who are Launch Groups for?

Launch groups are entry level groups for non-Lifeway Partners (First time guest, regular attender, irregular attender, etc.) Launch groups are a great first-step to exploring what community is like at Lifeway, before you take the step into Partnership.


How are Launch Groups different from Lifegroups?

Launch groups are that first step of faith that anyone can take, to engage and connect with others in biblical community here at Lifeway. Lifegroups are for Partners who have chosen to place themselves under the care and shepherding of the leadership of Lifeway Church (Pastors and Elders), and we Partner with them to disciple them to grow in Christ, by living out our core values of P.L.A.C.E.D.


How long does a Launch Group last?

Launch groups meet for a maximum of 2 months (8-9 weeks). At the end of the 2 month period the group will be followed up with by our staff to discuss taking next steps of faith. 


How do you get started in a Launch Group?

Step 1: Text Lifeway to 94090, and someone from our staff will reach out to you about getting into a launch group.


Step 2: If you have friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. that you want to be in a Launch Group with you, have them text Lifeway to 94090, so that our staff can connect them with you into the same Launch Group.


Step 3: Once there are at least 4-6 people interested in Launch Group, we will set a time for you to meet up together, and our staff will set you up for success!


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