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We believe there’s no substitute for close knit, deep-in-the-trenches community, because life transformation happens best in the context of relationships. Our mission for Lifegroups is to connect people in authentic relationships that lead to spiritual transformation.


Lifegroups play a vital role in helping relationships thrive in the life of the church. In Lifegroups, we are known, loved, cared for, pursued, encouraged, and challenged to be more like Christ.

Groups meet throughout the week at the church or in homes around town. Our goal in Lifegroups is to live out the “One Another’s” of Scripture, which are God’s instructions on how believers should live life together.


It’s from these same Scriptures where we derive our six Lifegroup Core Values: PLACED. (Pursue Relationally, Live Authentically, Admonish Faithfully, Counsel Biblically, Engage Missionally, Devote Daily.)

Looking to join a Lifegroup? Sign up for our next Discovering Lifeway class today.

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